Canons’ First Mirrorless Camera – EOS R

Canon has announced its first full-frame mirrorless camera and lens system called EOS R. This is inline with other manufactures finally getting onboard with the mirrorless camera system.The announcement of the EOS R means the Japanese camera giant is now taking high-end mirrorless seriously after years of putting out half-hearted responses to the likes of Sony and…


The Panasonic GH5s – Changing The Game Again

Panasonic was the first company to embrace mirrorless camera video. Finally, videographers had a (reasonably) large sensor camera that could handle autofocus, external microphones and 1080p video. The company raised the bar with each subsequent model, introducing 4K video with the G7 and internal 10-bit 4K with the GH5. Panasonic has made a gutsy move by launching a mirrorless camera that prioritizes video…