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About J3

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

In the beginning, there were dinosaurs, plants, and small creatures…

All kidding aside I did start at a very early age with creative tendencies. I was surrounded by a very inspiring mother, a grandfather who was a sign and fine arts painter and published cartoonist and a very artistic list of family members each in their own ways and means. Looking back I can see how each of them had some influence on my own creative wanderings throughout my youth.

Like many, I was drawn to the creative side of life and took as many electives and art courses as my Southside high school offered. It was in my senior year that my elective arts teacher with her vibrant personality (which many rumored came from a flask in her purse?) took an interest in chalk and ink drawings. She coaxed me into entering my drawings into local art shows and competitions which was no easy task for this shy and insecure boy and his drawings. I took that first step and I was hooked. Art was going to be my life.

Some say life works in circles and that we have to go around a time or two before we grasp the lessons needed to live and grow in the best way for our own energies. There may be some truth somewhere in there for I have never looked back and have matured enough to recognize my own inspirations, talents and how to put them to work.

The most important thing I have recognized from years in the design trenches is telling my clients stories. Stories are what people connect with, are entertained by, motivated and driven by. So helping my clients develop and tell their stories is the aim of my work these days and the motivating factor for communicating with others in the here and now. We have so many ways to tell our stories and I harness the tried and tested skills of words, text, graphics, and design, but I also encourage my clients to embrace the next realm of marketing which is video and video content.

Its exciting times and if you pay close attention there are some exciting stories to be told now and in the future.