J3 – Audio Production

Today's world is rich with content. From video stories and compelling visual content to rich experiences that involve audiences and inform decisions the one hidden aspect of it all is audio.


Content creation, voice over, mastering, sound design, editing/assembly and restoration


Restored Apothecary, Bryan Electric, Yum Brands, Tilia, Root, The Beverly Hills Hotel, ATLArts, Soleus, Supercell, Ambient Audio LLC


All clients maintain given copyrights

You know how important it is to consistently use on-brand visual materials to support your brand and tell your stories. The same goes for leveraging effective audio and building a sonic strategy.

Sound matters and without it the best looking materials will fall flat. In fact poor audio is the #1 reason most people will skip ahead or not even bother to hear your story. 

We live in a time where the audio you like is partnered with the visuals you desire, companies are now chameleons becoming the voices we wish to honor in our days and our purchases.

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